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Our main goal at CSD is to provide you with the most satisfying products and service. If by any chance you do not feel fully satisfied with your purchase, we are here for you and to help you through the process
This guarantee policy provides relevant information to help you at any time the product or service from our company did not reach your maximum expectation with the fault from our end.
It is quite important that the customer reads the following document attentively because no guarantee settlement will be placed when the product or service does not meet the qualities in this document.
Below are the criteria under which the platform provides or under which a product can be returned, exchanged, and repaired or refunded.
1. Any product or service which fails to meet any of the following criteria makes this policy disregarded.
For any inquiry to return, repair or exchange the product or service we offered, a maximum of 30 days should not have elapsed from the day of purchase. This policy is valid if and only if:
- The platforms provides various guarantees to be selected into. for the best interests of both SELLERS and BUYERS (real buyers or opportunistic buyers who might want to return a product in order to get a free one)
- The platforms Asks The product returned to be in its original packaging.
- The platforms Asks the product returned to have the same conditions that it was purchased with All the accessory which came with the purchased product are presented as well.
- The platforms Asks the product returned to be having a purchase order or proof of purchase provided.
- The platforms provides to delivered products and The returned product to be assessed by a professional officer in charge to make sure that it’s safe, well-functioning, and real if The purchased product and returned product proves that it has not been used in any way if it was taken on a 30 days guarantee on. . Later found to meet all requirements, a guarantee process can be started. Because
- The platforms does not provide No guarantee when the guarantee SELECTED was take it or leave it
- The platforms does not provide or deliver to be purchased product that is or will expired at the moment of purchase.
In certain platforms social media-like, the sellers have an urge to give the guarantee on their products before they can get to be approved to be shown on the business logic layers And buyers or bargainers must take those guarantee given under-consideration while applying either buying or bargaining processes,

PS: This is just the beginning of our platforms, so this document will be altered according to what the future provides

Contact Us If you have any questions about these Terms,or any further concerns,
please contact us.
25 Contact us If you have any questions concerning the Bargaining Market Service or the Agreements, please contact The Bargaining Market Customer Service by visiting the About Us section of our website or directly on +250782495046
Email: isoko.the.bargaining.market@gmail.com
Thank you for reading our Guarantee Terms.
We hope you enjoy This Bargaining Market! Contracting entity: Core Software Design ltd.

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