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We are starting up so everything is still in promotion

For now as we starting up the uploading price is 0 Rwf

After then Product is SOLD

the we could able to get our commision

User could upload their Product for sale freely till the END of this Period

Privacy & Uploading Policy

How we charge this uploading service

For now we started and the uploading price is 1000 Rwf where ever you could be in the country and whatever product that you may wanna upload this platform uses your information in order to know how's selling the product, where can we find him once the product is Sold, we don't dispatch user information , we deal with the safety of it and

Why Charging this Fee

  • 1. Any where you could go it is not easy to save data on their cloud storage except on a kind of price
  • 2. If some one is willing to get a customer for his/her product with no hesitation this is easy and far

After these Transactions

This Uploaded Product

  • won't get online automatically unless if the Administrator and you , have talked about this it happens just shortly after your Uploaded product is submitted
  • won't get on if u disagree to the Terms

After the Product is SOLD

THIS PLATFORM WILL EARN 10% OF THE WHOLE AMOUNT OF MONEY PAYED UP on this specific product being uploading

The Seller Have to accept to give us the product so that we can show it to our customer, we don't let the buyer and seller to meet before we get our commission, so help us help u


1 . The user is recommended to upload on/in a good condition on a Network

2 . The user is should have good Picture to value is product online

This means that great pictures are needed
for Specific size and dimension and also the Format

3 . Any Farther Quest Dont hesitate to ask us on the live chat or the phone number on the top

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