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Return, Exchange, and Refund Policy

Our main goal at CSD is to provide you with the most satisfying products and service. If by any chance you do not feel fully satisfied with your purchase, we are here for you and to help you through the process

1. Return

If you do not feel entirely satisfied with the products you purchased from us, please let us know. Our return, exchange, and refund policy enables you to return the product you were not satisfied with as long as all the requirements are met.
For a successful return to be accepted and successful,
the product must fill certain criteria.
Ignorance of any requirement might result in the product not being accepted, exchanged, or refunded for. The product returned must be packaged in its original packaging.
To ensure that the product has not been used as well as its safety,
it is crucial to mind about the packaging for an exchange or a refund.
If the product returned is in any way not in its original packaging, return policy can not be applied, neither the exchange nor refund policy.
The product returned must be in the same conditions that it was purchased with.
All the accessories that came with the product must be presented as well.
The product returned should have a purchase Order or proof of purchase.
The product returned should have a original copy of Contract of sale
In order to make sure that our platform sellers are the ones who sold the product to you, a proof of purchase must be issued for a successful return to be done.
And must be based (i) to return policy given,
(ii) the guarantee given as well
All returned products are assessed by a professional officer in charge to make sure that the product is safe, well-functioning, and real before a product is handed over.
At the Core Software Design ltd, clients are eligible for returning their products shipping back from 1 up to 2 days after the delivery with a valid purchase order or purchase proof.
After 2 calendar days from the day of the delivery drop-off, a product cannot be accepted for (i) a return,
(ii) exchange, or
(iii) refund.
All this based on the guarantee of the sellers.

2. Exchange:

Damages or expiration of any item can lead to an exchange policy to be considered.
In case a product was purchased when it had already reached its expiry date, (which must never occur) but in case it happens,
clients are free to return them for an exchange.
Also, if they bought our items when they were already damaged they must check if the guarantee policy allows such return, they are welcome to bring them back for an exchange after a close assessment.
The product will undergo a strict assessment process by a professional officer in charge before an exchange can happen.
The product must not have been used in any way or removed from its original packaging.
If deemed truthful and all the requirements met,
the product can be exchanged for another in stock.
Products without replacement units will be automatically
1. Refunded for.
2. Repaired if agreed to

3. Refund:

Products can be approved for a refund when there is no sign of use.
In case a sign of use is apparent, refunds are not allowed.
Condition for a refund is when and only when a product cannot be exchanged.
This might be due to the fact that there is no similar product in stock.
Another reason for this would be the inability to replace some malfunctioning units on the product.
To maintain safety, well-functioning, and realness (original) of the product, a professional person in charge will first have to inspect the product before any refund can be issued
(inspection to assess whether the product has not been used, damaged by the client, or original from our company).
Once the product has been received and inspected, we will send you an email or text message or phone call to notify you whether the refund has been approved or denied.
If your refund request has been approved,
it will be processed. In accordance with the real worth of the product for refund,
a credit will be channeled to your credit card or any other mode of payment within a period of 3 up to 7 business days after the return. In case a product delivery price has been paid,
the cost of that will also be covered in the refund.
PS: The owners of different product stocks that Core Software Design ltd works with have their own return policies and refund policies and for the customer is highly required to read them closely for better outcomes.

PS: This is just the beginning of our platforms, so this document will be altered according to what the future provides

Contact Us If you have any questions about these Terms,or any further concerns,
please contact us.
Contact us If you have any questions concerning the Bargaining Market Service or the Agreements, please contact The Bargaining Market Customer Service by visiting the About Us section of our website or directly on +250782495046
Email: isoko.the.bargaining.market@gmail.com
Thank you for reading our Guarantee Terms.
We hope you enjoy This Bargaining Market! Contracting entity: Core Software Design ltd.

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