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Pc Microkingdom 8600 Dual Vibration Gamestick
Pc Microkingdom 8600 Dual Vibration Gamestick
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its called Pc Microkingdom 8600 Dual Vibration Gamestick Arrow key cross direction keys to accurately locate the eight keys wide and smooth, contact bounce brisk , feel smooth , command triggers a strong sense Analog Joystick Double - concave matte texture soft rubber anti-skid stick , stick to the thumb , a substantial quick operation can not let the rocker to sell Pressure sensitive keys The whole guide pressure gauge , presses the key accurately , presses the preasure , the LT/RT linear pressure feeing keys , gives you the true game operation feeling Crystal buttons Native polyethylene carbonate crystal buttons , after 100w times to strengthen the compression test to protect the button flexibility and durability Ergonomic design Ergonomic shape designs , large streamlined shape pate the whole player hand type , allowing the player to use for a long time without fatigue Delicate Vibration handle equipped with dual vibrantion motor , in the game with telepresence reproduction of the games relealistic feeling , and vibration than the wireless controller is good Fine joystick designs in the games can be large - angle linear simulation of rotation , to bring you more sophisticated control , allowing you to control freely , play dripping fun Anti - interference magnetic ring as a wired controller , and with anti-interference magnetic ring , so that we can easily play the game anytime , anywhere

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